The Programs of the Week of GDPR

This Week’s Program: May 21 - May 25

Well, hello. It’s been a long while. Just over a quarter! I’ve been very busy! Here’s the executive summary:

  • Back in February, I started a new job! I’m now the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter!! I’ve been loving my job. This past week I officially hit the three month mark. Kickstarter is a company with a mission that is urgent and necessary. It is a Public Benefit Corporation, a very cool governance model that I will one day write way more about. I am so thrilled to be heading up the engineering team here.
  • As you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy figuring out just what the heck I ought to be doing in my new job. But I’m still writing little bits of code daily. I’m still working on Overscan!
  • This Tinyletter has been very quiet, but you can read more of my updates over on Drip: d.rip/mark! Drip is a new tool for creators made by Kickstarter! It is still in early beta, and I get to be a guinea pig for the product. You can subscribe to my Drip for $0 (no money), and get all my updates on both the web and, yes, by email! I’m really excited by how this product is taking shape, and you know I’m going to figure out how to make updates to it through Emacs.

So that’s whats been happening. I would really love for you to subscribe to my Drip. It’s likely I won’t be making frequent updates to this Tinyletter (which, uh, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise).

Since joining Kickstarter, one of the big projects I’ve been at the helm at is compliance with GDPR, which I will at some point write a very large amount of words about. A couple of weeks ago I gave my first ever live demo of Overscan at !!con, and that went really well. I built my slides in Racket, and you can view the code for the slides and the demos here.

When I first started this Tinyletter, it was meant to be a forcing function to ensure that I was writing code and articulating my decisions. It’s been such a nice bonus that I’ve built this audience of supportive, thoughtful, and encouraging readers. I really appreciate you reading along each week, and I hope you’ll continue to join me across the Internet. I have so much I’ve been bursting to say in the last few months, and I so appreciate your gift of time and attention.

Talk later,
– Mark