The Programs of the Week of an Independent Wednesday

This Week’s Program: July 2 - July 6

It’s been a week for countries in North America to commemorate events in history! Hello friends!

Remember that I’m publishing more on Drip these days: https://d.rip/mark

Just want to update you all on a few happenings in the world of Overscan!

Firstly, you can now follow the project over on Twitter @overscan_lang!

Since my talk at !!con (the video of which is now live!), I’ve been working on mostly documentation.

Now, Overscan is available in the Racket Package Directory! And you can read the documentation on Racket’s very own docs site!

I’m going to be winding down my work on Overscan in the next month or so. I’ve been working on this particular project for over a year! Part of that wind down is to make Overscan a better part of the Racket ecosystem. So with a Racket installation you can now call:

raco pkg install overscan

And you’ll get my code. Follow the installation instructions in the docs and good luck!

I’ll be publishing my retrospective on Overscan on my Drip, so be sure to subscribe there! Thanks for reading pals!

🗽 Mark